Flatiron Park, Omaha, NE. With Mixed Greens Studio
Design of an urban park in downtown Omaha.

Dakota Title Building, Omaha, NE
Renovation and building addition to a historic building providing apartments and ground floor retail

1713 Cuming Street, Omaha, NE
Renovation of two historic buildings for new residential and ground floor retail

ILP at Saratoga Elementary School, Omaha, NE
Interior renovations of elementary school

Freiden Building, Omaha, NE
Renovation of historic building for micro-units and ground floor retail

Omaha Public Schools Facilities Assessment, Omaha, NE
Assessment of existing facilities for 40 elementary schools

The Brain Exchange, Omaha, NE
4,500 sf building renovation for youth tech learning center

The Exchange, Omaha, NE
Building repositioning and collateral for capitol campaign for the AIM Institute

325 North 72nd Street, Omaha, NE
Urgent Care exterior improvements and interior fit-out

Omaha Public Schools Planning Area A Elementary Schools, Omaha, NE
Fire, Life Safety, and Security Improvements

Flatiron Plaza, Omaha, NE
Schematic plaza design

4628 Capitol Avenue, Omaha, NE
3,000 sf single family residence

Deer Park Neighborhood Walking Loop, Omaha, NE
Various streetscape and urban design improvements

Truckatecture, Omaha, NE
Prototype for nomadic living

1717 Vinton Street, Omaha, NE
Mixed-use building renovation

Green in the City, Omaha, NE. With Project for Public Spaces
Finalist for community open space

St. Mary’s Neighborhood Vision Plan, Omaha, NE
Masterplanning and vision development for St. Mary’s Neighborhood.

Design proposal for Metropolis “Workplace of the Future” competition.

Realigning A Region, Omaha, NE. With Emerging Terrain
Study and master-planning for reclaiming and developing the abandoned beltline corridor

1101 Jackson, Omaha, NE
1,900 sf single-family condo fit-out

Turner Park/S-Curve Alternative, Omaha, NE
Master Plan for Midtown Omaha

75 North Revitalization, Omaha, NE
1,500 sf single family residence prototypes

Volano Solutions, Omaha, NE
2,700 sf office renovation test-fit

Haymarket Media, New York, NY
15,600 sf office rebranding and renovation

Elevate, Omaha, NE
310 sf food pavilion with Dante

Wicked Sweets, New York, NY
1,300 sf bakery concept design

Stored Potential 2012, Omaha, NE
20‘x80’ custom graphic covering vacant grain silo

TAMA & MXMA Streetscaping, Brooklyn, NY
Urban design and landscaping

Excalibur, New York, NY
6,000 sf showrooms and office

Wolf Gordon / Vescom Showroom, Chicago, IL
1,660 sf showroom design

Wolf Gordon Showroom, New York, NY
840 sf showroom design

123 Lafayette Street, New York, NY
2,500 interior renovations

345 Hudson Street, New York, NY
106,000 sf real estate search and programming test-fit

77 Water Street, New York, NY
97,000 sf real estate search and programming test-fit

100 Church Street, New York, NY
99,000 sf real estate search and programming test-fit

350 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
85,000 sf real estate search and programming test-fit

Arup, New York, NY
80,000 to 100,000 sf strategic planning & programming

Stored Potential 2010, Omaha, NE
20‘x80’ custom graphic covering vacant grain silo

779 East 19th Street, Brooklyn, NY
500 sf residential renovation work

reNEWable Times Square, New York, NY
Surface graphics over 5 pedestrian blocks in Times Square

Arup 155 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY
1,000 sf office renovations

Arup 1150 Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC
3,500 sf office space

Walk ‘N’ Shop, Metropolis Magazine Competition
1,500 sf suburban retail and convenience center for Omaha, NE

Staten Island Zoo, Staten Island, NY. With Slade Architecture
5 acre master plan and new building construction

Grey Advertising, New York, NY. With STUDIOS architecture
300,000 sf advertising and marketing headquarters

Imagining Recovery Competition
Public policy urban design project

House of Barbie Shanghai, Shanghai, PRC. With Slade architecture
4,000 sm multi-programmed flagship store

184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. With Slade Architecture
14,000 sf lobby and amenity space in residential building

Roeder Residence, Damascus Township, PA. With Slade Architecture
3,000 sf single family residence

Bloomberg Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. With STUDIOS architecture
3,000 sf office space

Goldman Sachs, Jersey City, NJ. With STUDIOS architecture
30,000 sf office space

IAC Headquarters, New York, NY. With STUDIOS architecture
150,000 sf office space, amenity spaces, and events facility

“The Retail Strip: Optimized Nodes and Wasted Space”
2006 ACSA West Regional Conference, Pasadena, CA
Project and paper presented envisioning the American retail strip

Shark Aquarium, Coney Island, NY. With Slade Architecture
30,000 sf shark aquarium at the New York Aquarium

Third Point Management, New York, NY. With Slade Architecture
15,000 sf hedge fund management office space

Christie Place III, New York, NY. With Slade Architecture
7,000 sf lobby and amenity space for residential building

Montessori Progressive Learning Center, Queens, NY. With Slade Architecture
1,000 sf school library and restroom renovation

Bloomberg Headquarters, New York, NY. With STUDIOS architecture
750,000 sf headquarters including office space, television and radio broadcast facilities, training center, and amenity spaces

Greenberg Residence, St. Louis, MO. With Slade Architecture
4,000 sf single family residence

Aperature Foundation, New York, NY. With Slade Architecture
18,000 sf office renovation

Microsoft Offices, New York, NY. With STUDIOS architecture
100,000 sf office space and presentation facility